Disc Pads for Harley-Davidson XL & FX 1977 to 1983 947448



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NEW Organic Disc pads for XL Sportsters and FX models 1977 to 1983

Organic. ECE R90 approved. When you hit the brakes you want no surprises.

Motorcycle Storehouse brake pads are designed, tested to do job as you expect, offering performance and safety when you need it most.

Pros: Organic friction material offers very predictable stopping power, less noise, is very brake rotor friendly due to the softer materials (like aramid) that help prevent rotor galling and are more economical priced.

An overall great and dependable cruising brake pad.

Cons: They’re slower to ‘catch’ in wet circumstances and susceptible to ‘glazing’ when overheated.

They’ll also last shorter than sintered pads and give more brake dust.

Fits:- Front: 77-83 FX; 80-83 FXWG; 78-83 XL

Listing is for one set of disc pads for one caliper.

Part Number 947448


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