Taylor FLH & XL Yellow Spark plug leads 602140



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NEW pair of Yellow  Taylor Spark plug leads for Harley-Davidson FLH and XL Sportster 

Spiro wound 8 mm resistor wires are made with highly conductive materials, the  core is thermally cured and has two conductors that act as a mini circuit of resistance in the parallel. The result is a wire that has 1/10th the resistance of the normal resistor core plug wires, yet provides protection from interference that can play havoc with stereos, cb radios etc

100% Pure Silicone Proboot Plug cover

Stainless steel double spring locking terminal to give a secure fitting to the plug

100% Pure silicone 8mm outer jacket

600F  Temperature rating

Fiberglass braid for pull strength. 

Fits all FLH models 1980 to 1998 and XL Sportster models 1986 to 2003

Also available in the following colours, Blue, red & black

These leads are also available for all Harley models just ask for a quote for your model.

Part Number 602140



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