Replacement 1340 Rectifier/Regulator 1981-88 509065


509065 25360

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NEW  Rectifier Regulator  to fit all 1340 models from 1981 to 1988.

OEM 74515-86, 74516-86, 74513-85, 74512-84, 74513-82A.

These rectifier/regulators utilize the latest state-of-the art surface-mount technology.

Unlike many products on the market today, these rectifier/regulators are made with screen-printed circuit boards and ceramic components which lower operating temperatures for longer life without temperature-related failures.

They deliver improved electrical performance for lighting, battery and ignition which also helps protect valuable power sources and wiring.

They’re covered by an exclusive ‘High Voltage’ limited warranty that effectively extends coverage to one full year from date of installation.

Standard black finish with polished fins.

Part number  509065 (25360)


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