Rear Indicator relocation kit Harley-Davidson XL, FX, 73-01 380220



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New Rear indicator relocation kit for Harley-Davidson XL, FX 1973 to 2001

 This custom lowered turn signal kit relocates the turn signals rom the fender struts to a new, lower position, which rovides more clearance for installing saddlebags and gives  cleaner look. The chrome turn signal mounting bar is hreaded to accept stock type turn signals, and fastens easily sing the license plate bracket mounting holes. Kit includes hrome turn signal bar, wiring, and hardware. Turn signals  old separately. Fits FX, XL, and FXR models 1973 to 2001

The newer style of bullet indicator heads will not fit this bar, but we do have in stock bullet heads with a fine thread that fits this bar so this would fit  01 & later models but you would have to purhcased 2 heads at £64.99 a pair. The thread size for the indicator head is 5/16" – 24, if in any doubt please check this size on your indicator head.

We have found that HD have fitted this bar to 2016 & later XL1200T models.

Fits Fits: 81, 85 XLH, 84 XLX1000, 86-03 XLH883, 87 XLH1100, 88-02 XLH1200, 96-03 XL1200S, 96-03 XL1200C, 98-03 XL53C, 00-03 XL883H, 02-03 XL883R, 85 FXWG, 86, 89 FXRSL, 87-94 FXLR, 87 FXRC, 89-94 FXR, 89-92 FXRS, 89-92 FXRT, 90-99 FXRS_CON, 90-93 FXRSSP,…

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