Organic Disc pads for Harley-Davidson by EBC FA94 1984-99


915441 FA94

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NEW EBC Organic Disc pads FA94 to fit all Harley-Davidson models front 1984 -1999 and all Springer models from 1997.

EBC Organic pads are made with Aramid fibres such as Dupont® Kevlar® or Twaron® and deliver impressive stopping power and the "Feel" so often desired by bike riders allowing them to "Feather" the brake as they decelerate. Public opinion is that organic pads don't last long but the myth was broken when seven years ago EBC launched its current DMX formulation organic pad of which over 13 million sets have been sold with a zero failure rate in the market. This is a truly impressive pad with low discr abrasion, good life and deep progressive braking power.

Replaces 44063-83.

Part Number 915441


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