James 1340 & 1450 Old Style Exhaust Gasket x 1 pair 503015


503015 x 2

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NEW Exhaust gaskets x 1 Pair made by James gaskets to fit all 1340 and 1450 Engines and XL Sportster 92 & later 

OEM 65324-83. James Gaskets are manufactured from the highest grade materials and will meet or exceed OEM standard

84-90/10-up OEM style; steel flat wire; knitted & compressed, without fillers. Note: The 86-03/10-up style is preferred by many for better flow characteristics. Note: The 91-09 late style is a conical shaped gasket that was introduced by The Factory in 1991 and replaced, again, with the early style in 2010.

Note that the early style will fit all models and is generally seen as the better gasket design.

Dimensions are OD 49.50 mm ID 43 mm

Fits: > 84-20 B.T.; 86-20 XL; 08-12(NU)XR1200; 87-10(NU)Buell XB

Part Number 503015 x 2 JGI-65324-83


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