Bullet style indicators X 4 fits all Harley-Davidson Wing Stem



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NEW Chrome Bullet style indicators X 4

A set of 4 indicator heads of very high quality very similar to the Bullet style fitted as standard to almost all Harley’s after 2000.

The thread in each is 5/16″-24 and compatible with the thread used by Harley on all older style indicators, so this is a great way to convert your old large style indicators pre 2001 to the new bullet style, these will attach to older style stems but not the wing style as used by HD, or we can supply stems for you if required.

These heads have a cut out for the wing style stem as used by Harley but they can screw straight onto a single stem also, see our picture for the example of the cut out shape.

Comes complete with wiring which extends to 400mm outside the indicator, and a 12V 21W bulb. The lens is a push on typE.

Size Overall length 87 mm Diameter at widest point 60mm


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