Accel U-Groove Spark Plug Harley-Davidson 6R12


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NEW Pair of U-Groove Accel Spark Plugs for XL & Twin Cam Engines 6R12A

The best plug money can buy. Manufactured for your motorcycle exclusively by the most innovative spark plug manufacturer in the world and warranted by Accel

Features of Spark Plugs:

  • U-Groove Ground Electrode: Unique U-Groove develops a larger spark for more complete combustion
  • Insulator and Five-Rib Construction: Insulator made of highly purified alumina powder superior in strength and thermal conductivity
  • Copper Glass Seal: Glass and copper bond the center electrode to the insulator to ensure a gas-tight seal
  • Electric Heat Seal: Ensures a stable heat range
  • Copper Core Center Electrode: Copper Core Center Electrode: Copper surrounded by nickel-chrome for superior conductivity
  • Machine Rolled Threads: For trouble-free spark plug installation and removal

Part Number 2418 


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